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There’re several different methods to grow your TikTok profile presently, but by far one of the top strategies is to do it organically. There’re shortcuts that you can take out there that include automation, but we suggest that you stay away from it. If you’ve a good organic Tiktok growth strategy, you’ll be able to stand out from your peers and do really great with your account. Let’s take a look at the best organic ways to increase ticktok likes and followers.

Use hashtags properly

Using hashtags became extremely important in recent times, particularly on a platform like INSTA and Twitter. Hashtags make profiles reachable. Use trendy hashtags that sound wonderful, which can also relate to your niche. Also, ensure the hashtags are short because short is most efficient than longer ones.

Check TikTok trends

If you’re doing what most users are doing, like dancing in a video on specific music, right jump into that, be active, and your account followers and likes will start to boost. Another great thing about this platform is that you start your challenge or a trend that other profiles will eventually pick up. Get creative and something nice and interesting.

Create an Attractive Profile

What do you think is the primary thing that everyone sees when they come across your profile? They see your profile, while your profile mightn’t be as wide as your Facebook profile, for instance, we still think that it is pretty vital to make it attractive for those who’re visiting for the first time. Your TikTok profile needs to provide your audience essential information about you and the sort of content you love to create.

Try using paid features

Tiktok some pretty great paid features of which you can gain a benefit to increase your likes and followers organically. You can use TikTok ads, for instance, for targeting interest groups and specific locations.


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